Family System: The Key Aspects Of Family Systems

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Family Systems can be described in terms of their wholeness, interdependence, structure, adaptability, and themes. To understand a family system, the first aspect that encompasses the family as whole is their structure. The structure of a family is the composition (individuals included) and the organization (set of rules that determine interaction and relations found within family and extended family system) (Anderson & Sabatelli, 2011). Wholeness then refers to a family’s composition of individuals that form a complex and unitary whole. Within this system of wholeness, the family system is understood by looking at the unique structural rules that are present that relate to how the family members interact with one another as a whole. Interdependence then looks even further into the whole system at the individuals and subsystems that are mutually dependent and mutually influenced by one …show more content…
It also suggests that factors that influence one family member will also impact the others and as changes occur within the family system can be seen to affect the other parts of the system. As you look at a family system, every family as its own unique family themes. These themes can be seen in the family experiences that may be present such as ethnic and cultural heritage, views of one-self (competitor, survivor, loser, and winner), conscious/unconscious elements, and intellectual/emotional

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