Family Stories And Secrets Pass Down Through Generation Essay

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Family stories and secrets pass down through generation to generation. Being third generation here in the United States, my father’s side lacked in that area except for how we got here. Rumors stated that my great-grandfather moved here with his family to flee from the mob in Italy. Slight curiosity growing up turned into an immensely intense urge to find out more. I kept asking questions in hopes of receiving answers, always being left unsatisfied with blank stares. After years of being left in the dark without any help I decided to act on my own. Finding out about my family was my number one priority. A secret to reveal to generation to come that proves the rumors true.
When I first began this mission I had absolutely no idea where to start. I spoke with my English teacher and she paired me with a genealogist from my local library. I immediately made plans to visit her at the library, in hopes of having better luck. However, I did not have the chance to visit her for a few days. In the meantime I searched around on the internet to acquire as much information as possible. Most of the websites needed money to give me actual information, leaving me at dead ends. To achieve the best results, I would recommend looking into Although, they require money for you to find accurate results. You never know who could be related to you.
Within my research I found a handful of people I had not known existed up to this point. The farthest back I was able to find…

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