Essay on Family Roles, Behavior, And Housework

987 Words Nov 19th, 2016 4 Pages
For as long as I can remember, in my household, my parents were very traditional. My mother stayed home and looked after the kids, cleaned the house and my father went to work to provide for the family. After the course of observing, I have discovered how things maybe have not changed as much as we think they have. Through my findings, I have seen the stigma of “women staying home and doing housework and men work” in my experience. Although women like to believe we have advanced from difficult times, but it is clear women have been struggling just as much as before. There are several ways I saw domestic labor come into play, like family roles, behavior, and housework vs employment. Family roles are traditional and prominent in my house, women stay home and men go to work. There are certain jobs that are not for women, and certain jobs not for men. For example, men take out out the trash because that is “a man’s job”, apparently it is “too heavy for a girl” my mom says. However, house cleaning is all on the women in the house to do. Physically women are more able to do so, and do a better job. The stigma is so strong that men in the house have actually told me to clean something up, when they made the mess. They act like it will make them less masculine to clean up a mess that they have made. It is easier to tell a woman to just “clean it up” because that is “her job” than to just wipe down a spill. They are perfectly able to clean up the mess, but fail to do so in this…

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