Family Is The Key For Success Essay

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Family is key of life because there the one who are with you through the good and bad in life. Family are there to support in any way. To show no matter the situation they will alway be there for us. Family member understand what you going throug. They know struggle are hard to overcome because they went through struggle going to give you a breathe story about my family struggle and my struggle too. Our family are here today to help us to do better and overcome this struggle. It was not easy for some of my family either. Family is the key to success.
My family are the one who are important to me in life today. Everyone go through struggle. My grandpa had a lot of struggle he had to overcome. Grandpa was born in Guatemala, Mexico. He never want to school, start working at a very young age to help out his parent. I remembered my grandpa tell me when he was small that when he use to work he will not come home from couple of day because he had to drop off package really far for were he live. He will take nap on the street.after getting older he start his family in mexico . when started his family he left his parent and brought his family to America so his children could live a better live. After coming to california it took him await to find a job. Than he found as a construction work but after working under someone else. He take upon himself to become his own boss and did. He start his own business in construction. He became very successful in his business. Bring in…

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