Essay on Family Culture : Values, Traditions And Customs Of A Family

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Family Culture describes the values, traditions and customs of a family. These attributes are originated from the ethnicity that they were born into. Its fundamental role ultimately shapes the attitudes, personalities and characteristics of one family member to the next. The values and traditions that originated from one parent’s generation are passed to their children, then the child 's future children. It is a never ending cycle. For generations, it is a symbol of how families stay tight-knit with one another. However, unique situations occur when a new different culture is introduced to the family, this would either separate the family or bring them closer to one another. My family is quite different from others. My mother and father are both Filipino, born and raised in the Philippines. On the other hand, my sister Eileen and I were born in Saudi Arabia, because that was where our parents met when they were both working overseas. Now, my whole family lives together in Canada, in search of more opportunities in the future for our family. The values that my parents instilled in my sister and I are intermixed because of the different countries and cultures that our family has experienced over the years.
My parents were both huge believers of staying true to our traditional Filipino culture; being polite and respecting elders, being Catholic and believing in its beliefs, and the importance of family. But when my mother left to work in Canada for 5 years to…

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