Essay on Family Conflict And Domestic Abuse

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The first time I saw the video of Dr. Harlow 's monkey studies (Harlow, 1958) in Developmental Psychology class, I couldn’t help but burst into tears. It occurred to me that for children, mothers are not just food providers, but also protectors and encouragers. Then I started to consider the influence of mother-child emotional bond on children’s psychological well-being. While the monkey mother and children in Harlow’s study established a positive bond between each other, this is not always the case in the complex family system of human beings. Family conflict and domestic abuse may negatively affect children’s development and that impact may persist to their adulthood. The profound but contrasting influence family casts on children intrigues me to research on parent-child relationships and pursue a further education on developmental psychology.
The four-year undergraduate education has equipped me with theoretical and practical background on parenting and child development research. My first independent research was on parental involvement. As the existing descriptions of effective parental involvement are mainly applied to American and European society, I decided to first investigate their applicability to Chinese context. The finding suggested that autonomy support, process focus and warmth were the three most distinct characteristics of parental involvement of high quality. Based on three-dimension model of parental involvement and previous study, I designed “Parental…

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