Family Centered Care Examples

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Give an example of patient- and family-centered care with the following core concepts described in the IHI modules: Dignity and Respect. Information Sharing. Participation. Collaboration. The nurse of a NICU baby listens attentively to the infant 's mother 's values and beliefs when it comes to her child. The nurse then expresses the mother 's values and beliefs to the doctors and nurse practitioners during their rounds. In some cases, the parents are not able to be present in the NICU so their beliefs and values can be relayed to healthcare providers by nurse from a phone call from the parents. I have witnessed a parents request to keep their child alive until they are able to find transportation to get to the hospital. When the parent arrived …show more content…
The nurses often demonstrate safety precautions in front of the family. Being clean to the baby is explained numerous times to the family to insure the baby 's items are clean to the baby.
Be pleasant. If appropriate, smile and let your compassion and kindness show.
This is often done when interacting with patents. Sometimes all you can do is stand besides them and ask if they need anything.
Ask the patient how he or she would like to be addressed. Perhaps the patient has a nickname or prefers his or her given name. In some cultures, the use of “Mr.” or “Miss” is expected as a sign of respect.
If the parent provides a name other than name in the patient file the nurses will address the patient by the preferred name. In most cases, the patient is addressed by the last name.
Ask family members how they would like to be addressed and ask the patient or family if there are designated family members with whom the staff should communicate about the plan of care. Don’t make assumptions about the role of friends or family members and their access to
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I was use to the one or two pound baby in isolettes. I wasn 't really prepared to see an six month old suffering in the way he did. In this case the infant had premature lungs that were not able to support his body. The patient was the mother’s first child to survive out of four pregnancies. She was forced to give up her job to stay by her infants side daily. Her mother while visiting, would express how her daughter wasn 't sleeping at home. Later that same day when the infant’s mother visited, the mother began to constantly fall asleep at the bedside. After hearing the rounds with the doctors the mother quickly walked out the NICU in a hurry. My preceptor contacted the social worker to speak with the mother. When the mother returned the social worker visited her at the bedside to provide any assistance that she needed. This case outlined how the nursing responsibilities can surround more than just the patient. In some situations interventions are performed with the parents as the

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