Family Assessment : Days Of Wine And Roses Essay

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Family Assessment: Days of Wine and Roses
Howard West
Kennesaw State University
Nursing 4412
June 30, 2015

Family Assessment: Days of Wine and Roses
The purpose of this paper is to provide a written analysis of the Clay family as observed from the film Days of Wine and Roses. The family processes will be evaluated using models that provide a framework for defining developmental stages in the family. After completing a thorough assessment of the family, a nursing diagnosis can be made to treat the family as a unit and expected outcomes and interventions can be put forth. There are multiple times in the movie where Joe, a central character in the movie, enters the healthcare system and is discharged only to have the precipitating event reoccur because the underlying problem was not addressed. It’s unfortunate when good care is provided in the hospital, and the patient is set up for failure by being sent home without a system in place for continuity of care. Because the healthcare system can be intimidating, it is the nurse’s job to advocate for the patient by using their knowledge of the system to help connect the patient with resources (Long, 2015).
The movie traverses a large period in time, and it is not always possible for family assessments that were accurate at the beginning of the movie to be true towards the end. In any such case where the difference cannot be reconciled, the assessment will be made from the family’s situation in the latter half…

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