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The Menace of Drug Abuse in Texas
Drug and substance abuse has been a problem in our society for over twenty years now. Here in Texas Alcohol has been the primary drug of abuse till lately when other substance abuse have begun to infiltrate the society especially among the youth in society. Studies have been carried out within the cities and towns of Texas and tangible evidence can be found on the possibilities of a real problem in our society. Many may ignore but the truth beckons in the various research institute findings. “Today majority of the youth in university level of education may end up using or being part of a group that uses hard drugs.” This is
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We raised sampled data from various institutions and our talking point grew on the effect of drugs in society. From the study we found out that crack or cocaine is increasingly becoming a favorite drug among older black males in society. This drug is administered through various ways. We found out of the increase in the injected drug. Many crack users are increasingly using lemon juice mixed with the substance to inject. There are several negative effects of injecting drugs (Substance Abuse Trends in Texas by Jane C. Maxwell, June 2014). For instance, these people who inject the drugs end up sharing the syringe more than three guys. This is a big alarm. On the other side to validate this point, most of those who use drugs like crack end up practicing unprotected sex. When this come into mind then you realize HIV&AIDS is a real issue among these people. This validates the research done by an NGO recently stating that there has been a high increase in the number of people with the virus infecting others. This is an issue that needs the attention of the authorities and quick action should be taken to curb this problem. Alcohol abuse on the other hand has become famous among the old and the youths. The real negative effects are seen among the youth who end up dropping out of school and ending up with miserable jobs on the streets of Austin, Texas. Many youth who like the parties end up abusing alcohol. The negative implications of alcohol abuse are immense. Health

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