Essay on Fallout Shelter : The Cold War

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Fallout Shelter (Scott Peters, 1961)
In the beginning of the cold war, it seems that some Americans had a sense of confidence about the war, as can be seen in this excerpt from the song; “I’m not scared/I’m prepared/I’ll be spared” (Peters.)
Many people purchased fallout shelters as a means of defense against the possible nuclear war they thought Russia would start, they were designed to protect people from nuclear fallout and have enough supplies in them to typically last a few weeks. While the song is meant to be humorous and confident, it’s clear that people were still afraid if they had even bought a fallout shelter in the first place.
“Let the missiles fly from nation to nation/But it’s party time in my radiation station” (Peters.)
While war rages on above, devastating the land, people felt they would be safe without a thing to worry about in their shelters. (Except for the Chernobyl amounts of radiation that nuclear war would leave behind, but that was a problem for the future.)
The song also references the US emergency radio network, CONELRAD, that would be used should the soviets ever launch an attack. “You’ll live like a king in your fallout pad/
‘Till the all clear sounds, on CONELRAD” (Peters.) The funny lyrics reflect that while people were confident in their country, they were also afraid of what could happen.

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