Fallen Angel Lab Report

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Bongani Magadla
Fallen Angel

Sylas looked down at the blemishes that were beginning to blossom on his hands. His caramel complexion slowly becoming darker and lighter at the same time. The usual nightmares had not visited him last night; blessing him with restful sleep for the first time in almost a month. The faces in those nightmares were as clear as day. He pressed his hand down to the Stabilizer. After doing this for 16 years, the sting of the Stabilizer was little more than an ant bite. What exactly does the Stabilizer stabilize? This had been the first question he had asked when he was selected to be in the Cerebel Corps. He graduated second in his class despite falling asleep halfway through the final exam. He was sixteen now. His
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Cows are one of the closest relative to humans. With a 99.3% DNA match, whatever that happened within a cow's system should also be happening within a human. The natural lifespan of a fully grown cow is 15 years. The energy production of a cow was just as efficient and strong as a humans. The rat is another close relative to humans. The cells within the rat also were decaying at normal rates. However, the numbers that were returned for the human cells did not add up. S**t. Sylas looked over every difference between what could be causing the extreme fatigue within human cells. Even though the rats and cows are 99% related to humans, the other 1% can be accounted for. The mechasymposus was the only organelle that was not present in the other animals. Sylas had read every book with even an iota of biological data within them. Nowhere could he find the timeline of how humans came to need this organelle. The only person he could ask was the Minister of Science. “We began to biosynthesize them to help us live. After the Fall, humans began to produce them.” Sylas had accepted this answer and until now, believed them. The more he thought about it, he could never identify their precise function within his cells. Their ubiquity across all types of cells also made him question the answer given by the minister. Sylas began to devise an

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