Essay on Fallacies Of The Common Core Draft

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Fallacies of the Common Core Draft
People in society are expected to learn the same material in school as everyone else in society. Although teachers and administrators try to teach the most basic information and facts, they also try to let kids advance in the field they are most strong. Many people and children have strengths in certain subjects and weaknesses in other subjects. In most states, there are a set of rules called Common Core State Standards that are being implemented in public schools. These standards are meant to be a guide for teachers to allow students to gain knowledge to continue their education past high school and become a member of the working society. Common Core State Standards has many problems when it relates to students with a disability, more funds to implement the change of program, and puts a limit on students’ creativity. Common Core State Standards inhibit children’s creativity. Common Core State Standards are supposed to be taught in every classroom during every subject. This is considered cross-curriculum. However, Common Core State Standards only refer to English Language Arts (ELA) and Math standards. “The ELA standards assume that reading and writing will not be the exclusive responsibility of English teacher, but will be taught across subjects” (Understanding the common core standards, 2014). This puts classes – such as art, drama, life skills, physical education, music, and many more – on the back burner to learn English and…

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