Fake Eyelash Essay

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It is undeniable that finding a go-to Fake Eyelashes can be tedious if not frustrating. Those sold in department stores, boutiques or online shops are either heavy to wear to the point you can barely keep your eyes opened, do not fit your eye shape no matter how much you trim them, or appear too fake that instead of getting compliments for those lovely flutters people could easily tell you are wearing false ones even if the label in the box screams ‘natural’ style. Phony-looking eyelashes ruins one’s overall appearance. This should not be the case.

What does a fake lash on eyes look like? What makes a faux eyelash look cheap and fake?

Sometimes one could blame the fake appearance of eyelashes in forgetting
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A cult favorite, some lash lovers say it is similar to demi wispies, others see it as a less expensive dupe for Ardell’s 105s or #113, while still a few think that this style is a fusion of both. This full black lash keeps the signature fullness and graduated length of its brand, albeit not to the point that it looks pretty crazy and overly done. It is winged on its outer edge while the ends of the strands are fluttery but without compromising the natural look. Because of its stunning ‘I-am-not-wearing-false-lashes’ effect while accentuating gorgeous eyes, this is undeniably versatile and perfect for almost every occasion, such as romantic dates, memorable proms, fun BBQ parties, artistic photography sessions or even professional meetings. You cannot go wrong with this pick!

On the other hand, red cherry #WSP, compared to #43, has lesser volume. Do not be deceived by its sparse appearance and quickly judge it as less pleasing, as it still has the usual red cherry lashes touch that will not leave your eyes dull. It also boasts of its obviously longer strands and finer, thinner and feathery lash ends. #WSP’s style opens towards the tips and then crisscross from

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