Essay about Faith, Stability, And Friendship

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Faith, Stability and Friendship

As I reflect on my life and my values, I realize that leaving my house at the age of fifteen has molded me into the person I am today. My father was an alcoholic and loved to gamble, and as a result, my parents divorced when I was very young. My father moved to Las Vegas and we never created a strong relationship. The evening I left my house, I found myself standing alone in the shopping center by myself. I found myself calling my father 's mother who I had not spoken to or seen in years. Although we did not have a good relationship, she took me in and quickly shipped me off to live with my father. At that moment I recognized that I was alone, lost in my faith, with no stability in sight and no friends to talk to. As life continued, I realized that the struggles I faced throughout the years, is what taught me to cherish my core values; faith, stability, and friendships.

About twelve years ago after my daughter 's birth I began to suffer from postpartum depression. There was no drive within me to do anything, as a result the bills started to pile up even though I had the money to pay them, exercising became a chore and I began to gain weight, and our business started to fall apart because I failed to put in the time it required, my life became a complete disaster. I began to search high and low for something I knew I was missing, I was lost in my world and there was a huge void that I needed to fill. In my searching, doctors kept…

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