Failure Success In Life

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Failure catches a bad rap in our success driven world. Everyone wants to win but no one understands the magnitude of why losing is important to one’s journey. My cousin said it the best. When you’re a kid and you’re playing with your blocks, trying to figure out where each shape goes, you may put the block in the wrong place many times before you find its appropriate place. We’re happy the kid figured it out but no one acknowledges the fact that it took him or her two or more tries before he or she finally placed the triangle into its slot. At the same time, I understand why no one wants to put much energy into failure because the process itself is long. Sometimes, it’s not as easy as putting blocks in the right place. When you fail at one …show more content…
Although I was a student at Syracuse, it just didn’t feel right. I had my I.D and my S.U hoodie, but it didn’t change the fact that I did not like where I was. I was taking classes with adults who had been out of school for over 2 decades. There’s nothing wrong with this, but I did not fit in with them and I wanted a different college experience. This is the first time I’m admitting this to anyone, but it made me even more frustrated when I was placed in remedial Math and English classes. Unlike other students, I had to take classes all year round just to keep up with the full-time students in an attempt to graduate on time and make myself feel like I experienced the real deal. So many people had no idea I was in this situation because I was embarrassed that I was not initially accepted. When I told people I would be going to Syracuse, all I would hear was, “Wow, Syracuse is a good school.” I knew if I told them I was a part-time student, they would not be as enthusiastic. Being a part-time student was like going to a community college, an experience that was often times undervalued. Not that other people’s opinion should matter, but when you’re eighteen years old, your pride is everything. I did not feel like answering the question as to why I didn’t get

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