Failure Of The Media Industry Essay

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Paola Catano

Paola Catano
Failure in the media industry can be rewarding

Just about everywhere failure is looked upon by society. What we do not understand is that failure can be beneficial not only personally but it can also be to a greater extent beneficial to our innovative society. Scientist spend their entire lives hypothesizing about possible outcomes, they later test their theory and if it is successful the scientist would be praised by the community but if it resulted in failure shame would not be brought to the scientist. What the scientist has gained from failing is knowledge on what not to do for the next time they try until their experiment succeeds. The media industry is an extremely competitive world. For many individuals failure is out of the question, it would normally be laughed upon. What those who laugh at the failure of others do not realize is that failure can be rewarding. It will give you insight, experience, and knowledge, potentially leading to groundbreaking discoveries in our innovated industry.

David Cohn 's piece "What I learned from being part of a media startup failure" is about the failure one may experience in journalism or the media industry. Cohn talks about the individual and what they learn from failing, like for example as Cohn states learning to trust his "spidey-sense"(Cohn, 2015). The similar phrase would be to trust your instincts, Cohn tells us about the night before the launch of Assignment Zero and how his…

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