Failure Of The For Florida Essay

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Failing in Florida

Let me tell you the story of how I ended up in your class, Freshman Comp, at a community college in Orlando Florida. See I’m not from Orlando, or Florida from that matter, but my journey here can be classified as the greatest failure of my unique (albeit short) life. I’m originally from Portland, OR, a city over 3,000 miles away from where I currently live, and a place I still consider my home. I grew up in Portland, I have friends there, yet when I was 17 years of age I left for a place I had never been before and where I knew nobody. An odd thing to do for sure, but I was chasing a dream. Ever since I was young, there was nothing I wanted more than to become a professional soccer player, and I believed I could do it. I was a fantastic player (if the word of my coaches and peers mean anything) and played for the youth academy of my local Major League Soccer team in Portland. One day however, after impressing in a national tournament, I received an offer to play here in Florida for Orlando City’s youth academy. Not seeing much of a future for myself in Portland, I decided that playing in Orlando presented the best opportunity to live out my dream, so I took it. I left my life behind to follow my passion, packed up and took a cross-country journey to Orlando. Not realizing how many hardships lay ahead of me.

I knew when left that things may not work out. After all, few in the world of sports ever reach the holy grail of becoming a professional athlete.…

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