Cyber Security Failure

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The purpose behind the policy brief is to inform the Department Heads and all City branch department of the Federal Bureau of Investigation on the rising cyber security breaches due to the fact of human error. This brief will outline the major instances and reason behind a successful cyber security attack.
The Failure of Cyber Security Systems Humans
Executive Summery
Without human’s computer viruses and cybersecurity systems would be stuck in a stand still because they are built to combat perfectly. It is human error that makes helps hackers and cyber-attackers get what they want. “Only amateurs attack machines, professionals target people” (Gallagher)

With cyberwarfare becoming a huge part of how nations and terror groups are
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A tool that many of the hackers are now armed with, is the use of social engineering techniques that are luring people to websites that are full of malware and many types of spy wear. (Howarth). An acritical for SecureWorld put it this way “You can have the very best security tools and programs in place using state-of-the-art computer systems, yet all it takes is just one click to bring it all down” (Cybersecurity). This is the reality that we live in today; that we have to be extra cause on what we click and double check who. To make clear what a security attack is, it is a “A security event that has been identified by correlation and analytics tools as malicious activity that is attempting to collect, disrupt, deny, degrade or destroy information system resources or the information itself” (Gallagher). These attacks can come in any shape or form over the internet and with the little regulation over cyber threats internationally it needs to be a constant cause for alarm for agents. Verizon showed its 2013 data breach investigation report that 95 percent of the advance attacks came through emails that were containing malicious attachments which gave the attackers a a stepping stone into the host networks computers and network devises which then exposed the valuable and/or private …show more content…
The Pentagon I has seen this that with the changing times that they need to put in places masseurs that would be able to counter acts of hackers. One way that they are using to counter the hackers is a use the idea of a Forceful backup. The idea behind Forceful backups is that in order to do anything that would be deemed high value in order to access it, it must be performed by two officials. This is a great idea that we could implant in the protection of our most secure servers. By needing to high up Agents we would be able to secure and watch over the use of sensitive information

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