Factors: What Is A Renewable Energy?

What is renewable energy??
Renewable energy is energy that can be recycled and reused again such as solar and wind energy. With the growing population and decline in fossil fuels renewable energy is becoming more desirable.
What is a solar updraft tower power plant??
A solar updraft tower takes heat from the sun, stores it and converts it into usable energy when needed[1].
Parts of the tower???
The tower consists of three parts: a collector, chimney and wind turbine generators [2]. Collector
The hot air for the tower is produced here and is usually made from glass or plastic. The ground under the collector is heated causing the air to move up towards the chimney[3]. Chimney
The air rises and the chimney narrows as the air goes up increasing the
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Materials Used for Prototyping
Materials vary depending on where the tower is being built and how much energy it is required to produce. They mostly consist of concrete and glass. The materials used are inexpensive and can be chosen based on availability. For a tower built in a dessert; sand and stone can be used to make the concrete and glass needed[3]. How its built
With a scarcity of fossil fuels there is a need for renewable energy sources that can feel the void. Along with the environmental factors there are numerous undeveloped countries that could benefit from such a source of energy. Environmental
Solar updraft towers do not require any external power to be run. The power it needs is generated by itself. Since the tower is not expending any energy it is a self-contained source of energy. The tower can work during the say to store thermal air and use the energy generated then or keep it in the collector and use it at night as well. This insures that an alternative energy source is not need when the sun is down. Greenhouse Effect
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