Factors That Influence Self Esteem Essay

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There are over 7 billion people on the planet. Each person has characteristics that make them entirely unique and have their own way of viewing themselves. Everyone has self-esteem, or lack of, which means the confidence they possess in themselves. There have been numerous studies conducted in the last two decades that have shown that an individual’s self-esteem changes as they age. The consensus has shown that as an individual’s ages, their self-esteem increases, remains stable throughout mid-life, and then sharply decreases at old age. There are many factors that influence self-esteem in old age such as gender, ethnicity, work experience, and education. Using research that has been conducted in the 21st century, we will discuss, in detail, how these factors contribute to self-esteem in old age and how they relate to pharmaceutical marketing and how the information can be applied in the workforce.
One of the peer reviewed sources called “Self-Esteem Is Relatively Stable Late in Life: The Role of Resources in the Health, Self-Regulation, and Social Domains,” described how the American Psychological Associations accessed their studies that had found a person’s self-esteem increases as they transition into young adults, plateaus near midlife, and then will continue to decline as the adult reaches and exceeds the age of 65 (Orth, Trzesniewski, & Robins, 2010; Robins, Trzesni- ewski, Tracy, Gosling, & Potter, 2002). Studies have also shown that once an individual reaches the…

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