Pro-Age Analysis Of Dove Pro Age

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Dove Pro-Age Fighting Stigma and Embracing Real Beauty:

Advertising floods the airwaves of our culture. With another corporate sponsor at every turn, we cannot help but be influenced by the messages of a constantly streaming commercials. Advertisement in American culture is a time old practice, we seldom see a positive message in regards to aging. Dove Pro-Age breaks the barriers of a culture that seemingly despises aging, and especially the aging of women. By boasting unconventional models not only of varying body types, but women who are significantly older than the typical model we have grown accustomed to, Dove calls for an attitude change in our society when it comes to aging. In a market that is flooded with products meant to erase
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In the print ad for Genifique the main focus visually is not the face of a model we’re supposed to believe uses the serum, but instead a clear bottle and pasture pipette with bold writing reading “The gift of youth” across the bottle. With statements like “breathtakingly radiant” and “powerful skin results within 7 days” emboldened Lancôme draws the attention to the products best-selling points and effectively diminishes the visibility of product information that is deemed as less important. The blue background and white rose suggest simplicity, beauty, and stability potentially influencing consumers of this product to have faith in the possible results. The color scheme of Lancôme’s ad for Genifique contrast greatly with that of dove’s pro-age, which boasts neutral shades of beige and browns suggesting a more natural product. Lancôme’s claim is that this product will replenish the natural oils that are present on our faces when we are young but have diminished over time. There are countless ads similar to this that most of which claim to have similar properties and combat against aging. Almost all of these ads are exclusively geared toward women and stress an importance of

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