Essay on Factors That Impact Biological Health

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Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disease affecting around 347 million people word wide. It splits into 2 main types; Type 1 with 10% off all cases, affecting children and adults and it sally inherited and type 2 with approximately 90% of all cases, normally caused by a high fat, high sugar diet and a lack of exercise. It is the body’s inability to either produce enough insulin in the pancreas or to respond to the insulin produces, leading to unpredictably high or low glucose levels and possibly nerve damage as well as hypoglycaemia (World Health Organisation, 2015). Treatments options to manage diabetes 2 include making lifestyle changes, such as eating a healthy diet, reducing the body max index to less than 30 and exercising on a regular basis. This is normally combined with drug treatment, which will adjust glucose levels accordingly (National Health Service, 2014).

Hypothesis: Health psychology can …..addressing social and psychological factors that impact biological health.

Health psychology can play a key a role in the prevention of diabetes type 2 on a global scale. A reduction of carbohydrate and sugar intake to 10% of the daily food intake of a human can decrease the risk of becoming diabetic significantly (World Health Organisation, 2016). However, many people fail to eat a notorious diet, leading to obesity and possibly diabetes type 2. Health psychologist, especially in the public health sector, can play a key role in creating new, effective ways…

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