Factors That Changed My Life Essay

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Socioeconomic status
Growing up without a mother for support, my father had to provide for me and my sisters. He usually worked third shift, while my sisters and I stayed at our babysitters. We grew up poor but able to life. We live in the same trailer that we lived in when my oldest sister was born, which means the trailer is about 22 years a lot if not longer. My dad made sure my sisters and I had everything we needed in life and made sure we were involved in some form of sport.
Influences from adolescence
When I was about 8 years old, my father eventually remarried and this became a very hard time for me over the years. My dad was all I had and felt as if she just came right into my life and took him away from me. What made matters even worse is that my step-mom hated me, she mainly hated my mother and since I risible my mother a lot, she decided to take her anger for my mother out on me. Since my step-mom took my father away and made my life a living nightmare, I began going through stages of depression and suicidal thoughts. Since my childhood was not the best time for me already, my step-mom made my life become so much more complicated, which led to me almost committing suicide three different times, during my adolescence years. With all the conflict with my step-mom, I could not stand to live in the same house as her, so at the age of 15, I ran away from home and started leaving with my grandparents. Relationships with friends I currently have two best…

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