Factors That Affect Your Consumption Of Essential Nutrients And Calories

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In my three day report i was very surprised to see my variance in my consumption of essential nutrients and calories compared to my prior thinking. I believe that the TEE calculation is more reliable and correct than my finding of the MyPlate. Being active in both athletics and weightlifting, I truly believe that the TEE formula take more into account than the MyPlate estimation. According to my TEE formula I am predicted to consume approximately 3,240 kcalories per day. MyPlate suggests around 3200, which are very close, but I prefer the more precise estimate that the TEE formula suggests. On my average day, I only consumed 2,772 kcal, which is almost 500 under my total goal. Which means that I am losing weight and is not a good suggestion for an athlete. I believe that I can fix this by consuming healthier calorie rich foods such as pasta, fruits and nuts. These options allow me to gain the extra calories I need as well as other essential nutrients. Overall, my weight has consistently stayed within a two to six pound variance both above and below my current weight of 164 lbs. I believe this is true due to the fact that I tend to snack and eat a variety of foods everyday. I do believe that my suggested calorie intake is correct for someone in my situation who is trying to fuel my body and gain weight to increase my athletic performance. Through this course, I have learned the importance of intaking complex carbohydrate, healthy fats, and natural proteins into my diet.…

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