Factors That Affect The Development Of Friendship Among College Friendships

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Friendship is defined as a relationship of choice that exists over time between people who share a common history. Friends are people who we trust, someone we’ve shared good and bad memories with, and they’re someone we look forward to spending time with. When making a friend, people who share common interests or attitudes get along easier.These are two things that influence the development of friendship. Studies have found that there are five factors that affect the development of friendship among college friendships, which include: similarity of attitudes, an expectation that the other person will like us, reciprocating self-disclosure, proximity, and accessibility or availability. Having a similarity of attitudes simply means you feel the same about things, such as liking a certain genre of books or having the same political opinions.
It’s also important to have the expectation that the other person will like us. When meeting new people, if you already have a predisposition that the other party doesn’t like you, you will give off the feeling that you aren’t a likeable person. This in return makes it hard for you to connect with the other party. Reciprocating self-disclosures means sharing of personal information in keeping with the other’s disclosures. Finding opportunities to be near others and talking with them as well as making yourself available to spend time with them, is what it means to have proximity and accessibility or availability in a friendship.
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