Essay about Factors Affecting The Decision Making For A Pilot

2053 Words Jun 3rd, 2016 null Page
Conducting a safe flight requires the ability of pilots to make correct decisions in different environmental situations. Researchers prove that errors in decision-making and pilot judgment contribute to 60% all aviation accident (Shappell & Wiegmann, 2000). Although many variables can alter how the quality of the pilot’s decision, as experience, age and time limitation are significant factors in response to problem solving. The following essay investigates how different weather factors may affect the process of decision making for a pilot, focusing on variables such as expertise, age and time constraints. Firstly the discussion starts off with understanding decision-making and its process. Next it will be followed by an analysis of influencing factors such as the limitation of experience and time along with the variable of age. Furthermore some of the six videos of different weather conditions are analyzed from the perspective of a less experienced pilot flying within visual flight rules. Finally the following will support that the process of creating a decision will become much more difficult for a less experienced pilot due to the lack of prior knowledge.

Decision making is critical in the aviation industry. It is the ability to react and chose a response in familiar or dynamic environments. In this case, options can be clear, verse ones that have never been considered. A way of understanding the…

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