Facing Uncertainty With Curiosity, Effective Topic Sentences Essay

900 Words Dec 30th, 2015 4 Pages
In reviewing Essay 1: Facing Uncertainty with Curiosity, effective topic sentences were present. The topic of each paragraph was properly outlined and identified, each of which reinforces the aspects of the thesis statement. The proper use of the MLA formatting in Facing Uncertainty with Curiosity allows for uniformity across the paper and outlines for the reader how the essay is to be read. Additionally, properly acknowledged sources give credit for the materials used in the compilation of the paper, while allowing those interested in exploring the subject further, to easily revisit the references cited.
On the other hand, redundancy was noted on several occasions throughout Essay 1: Facing Uncertainty with Curiosity. Redundancy is acceptable in some circumstances in writing when the intended use is to provide emphasis. However, more often than not, the use of repetitive words is considered a bad habit that should be avoided as they tend to clutter up ones writing. By using a more concise style of writing and reducing the usages of unnecessary words that do not add to the overall meaning to the sentence, the reader can more easily understand the points that the writer is trying to make.
Secondly, the inappropriate use of first person terminology was highlighted throughout Essay 1: Facing Uncertainty with Curiosity. The majority of the time, first-person point of view is rendered too informal for academic writings. In most styles of writing, first…

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