Essay On Facial Trustworthiness

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In the research article, Facial Trustworthiness Predicts Extreme Criminal-Sentencing Outcomes, the researchers, John Paul Wilson and Nicholas O. Rule, are asking if people infer trustworthiness based off the face of the target and how that is relevant to the judgement of this target. This is interesting because it shows the many biases in society, most importantly the criminal justice system, and how they influence the fate and lives of individuals.
The experiment is studied because of proven fact that appearance of an individual influences others trust towards that individual. This is important because the trustworthiness that the target displays impacts the course of their life. People tend to perceive certain aspects of someones looks with their biases therefore influencing how they act towards the person. Faces that illustrate reliability and credibility can affect the criminal justice system. For example, a person who appears as if they would have committed a
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For example the article written by Heather D. Flowe, Do characteristics of faces that convey trustworthiness and dominance underlie perceptions of criminality?, a study researching why some faces are perceived as more criminal-looking than others. Participants rated the state of emotion, physical and personality traits, and criminal appearance of certain faces shown through images. They showed two different types of photographs, in naturalistic conditions and in controlled conditions. Unlike in the primary study, this study showed these targets when they were happy, neutral, or angry. This resulted in angry faces being perceived as the most criminal, with neutral and happy following behind. This study also demonstrates that low trustworthiness can signal as highly criminal and how people make interpretations regarding criminality based on a person’s facial

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