Essay On Offender Profiling

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In this research paper, Dr. Craig Bennell (2014) demonstrated that inaccurate offender profiles discourage the police to arrest the offenders. Next, Craig (2014) introduced that offender profiling is a type of technique in the police investigation. Currently, profiling becomes a prioritized tool of solving a serial offender case. Additionally, serial murder cases mean that the police must fit a particular suspect in a large amount of suspects. However, if offender profiling is confounded, it is quite difficult to conform offenders. The current study proposed that like the participants in the early Barnum studies, individuals might to be in need to consider their personality sketches’ accuracy and uniqueness. Actually, the sketch itself has a problem that the content was ambiguous, and result in each individual must refreshed it by using a subjective condition. Nevertheless, this situation is also as similar as the police investigation. Craig (2014) referred to an example: the police realized that the suspect who was a rapist had the gothic lifestyle when they evaluate the offender profile, which included an ambiguous statement. But, when the police investigators tried to fit the suspect with other unclear statements, they confronted a problem: there are many different …show more content…
Through accessing the profiles, these officers will know that their accuracy and usefulness. Also, they can quickly decide whether the profile is useful to fit the actual suspect or not. Nonetheless, several limitations must be examined. First, participants are all from the police agency, and they must have 50 years of working experience in profiling. It is imprecise to explain why the profiler must work over 50 years in profiling. However, future research should describe more details about the

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