Facebook Essay

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Alex Paige
Professor Wolfe
English 101
16 November 2009
Facebook is one of the largest online social networking sites in the world. People of all ages and countries use Facebook as a way to communicate with each other. Furthermore, the launch of this site has changed the way we talk to one another, both on a personal and cyber level, in addition to how we are hired for a job. The sudden influx in popularity of the Facebook site has also changed our sense of privacy. We will post pictures of underage drinking and other various illegal or profane actions, but feel that we are not revealing too much because our actions are confined to the privacy of our Facebook friends. We change our profile pictures and post information,
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Within five years Facebook has grown exponentially. Communication between people over the internet was the ultimate goal of Mark Zuckerberg’s. If you were to take a poll of a group of high school and college students, the majority would tell you that Facebook is the way to communicate with friends and family. Just recently, I posted on my friend Sarah’s wall because she attempted to give up Facebook for a week. Our wall-to-wall conversation was precisely this, “November 10 at 10:30 pm: what happened to you giving up Facebook for a week?” (Paige). She responded saying, “November 10 at 10:58 pm: people communicate this way…and the people in my group project made me go on… they made me break my goal” (Paige). Has it really become impossible to communicate without this seemingly mundane and over-used tool? Facebook users are broken down as such, 18-22 is 75%, 23-35 is 49%, 36-49 is 21%, 50-65 is 9%, and finally those over the age of 65 are 3% (Greg). There appears to be clear divide between the younger generation and those who could be considered “adults.” It has been brought up that “maybe it’s a generational disconnect between seeing the Internet as a bogeyman, vs. ‘I really want to stay in touch with the people I know” (qtd. in Janet). Critics have stated that those who utilize Facebook on a daily basis may be removed, in a sense, from society. This

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