Facebook 's Competitive Advantage Analysis Essay

1519 Words Nov 3rd, 2016 7 Pages
Facebook’s competitive advantage lies within its ability to advertise with unlimited space. Companies like Google and Microsoft have limited advertising space, often at the top or sides of browsing. Facebook can implement their advertising and marketing outreach within its news feed which users can scroll through infinitely. Facebook also has an extremely large user base. Which means the advertising that Facebooks client pay for reaches a much larger pool of individuals. Also, Facebook can link likes and characteristics of users to advertising meaning that overall effectiveness of the advertising employed will be greatly increased. Plus, Users of Facebook have a wide variety of consumer-facing products provided by Facebook. This includes things such as pages, video calling, and gifts. Facebook’s competitors just don’t have the same abilities that Facebook has because of the difference in number of users and information gathered on those users.
Sustainable Competitive Advantage: Key Core Capability: The ability to create value to users, marketers, and advertisers lies within its ability to maximize advertising space while innovating applications. Facebook can do this through complex algorithms maximizing advertising ability. Facebook also provides superior technology capabilities which offers users a more dependable and consistent network service. Facebook must deliver such services as it has connected 1.5 billion users worldwide with high expectations. Facebook also…

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