Essay Facebook Does More Harm Than Good

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Facebook Does More Harm Than Good
Facebook is a prominent free person to person communication site that permits enrolled clients to make profiles, transfer photographs and video, send messages and stay in contact with companions, family, and associates. The site, which is accessible in 37 unique dialects, incorporates public components such as Marketplace where it allows members to post, research and read and comment on classified advertisings, Events- allows members to announce events. It also promotes the new technology as those members who are online can chat and interact. Though this website has lots of benefits it also has more and more disadvantages than advantages. This paper aims at highlighting or exposing the negative or bad side of using Facebook. The following are some of the reasons indicating or exposing the negatives associated with Facebook.
It can cost you a job. A British study targeting employers found that half of those surveyed had turned down employment seekers once something unpleasant about that candidate was shown on Facebook. (Illustrations incorporate stories of drunkenness, photographs of illicit movement, and awful grammar in messages updated on Facebook.) In the U.S., 20 percent of employers confess to investigating the Facebook pages of potential occupation competitors, while 9 percent say will begin soon.
It can expose you to your family. Regardless of the possibility that you 're cautious on Facebook, your free lipped companions won 't be…

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