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The National Labor Relations Board’s most recent decision demonstrates that not all employee social media posts are protected by the National Labor Relations Act. Questions remain, however, about the extent to which employees can be disciplined over social media activity
We can expect the NLRB to continue to address the topic of employee rights as they relate to social media. Employers should review their employee handbooks and employment policies to ensure compliance with the NLRA and the NLRB’s jurisprudence. Employers should also consider training managers about permissible and prohibited conduct under the NLRA. Finally, employers should consider conducting their own
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Not surprisingly, the NLRB also found it is unlawful to discharge any employee pursuant to an overbroad social media policy prohibiting disclosure of private or confidential information of another employee because the policy did not provide guidance on what the employer considered confidential.
This is how I feel it was unfair labor act:
• A policy prohibiting employees from making disparaging comments when discussing the employer or its supervisors was unlawful because the policy did not make clear that it did not prohibit protected concerted activity.
• The discharge of a paramedic i who posted demeaning comments concerning her employer’s clientele was lawful because there was no evidence of protected concerted activity: the comments did not mention any terms or conditions of employment, the posting was not discussed with any coworkers, and the comments were not for the purpose of inducing group activity or an outgrowth of collective concerns of the employee or her coworkers.
The NLRB’s recent report provides helpful guidance to employers not wishing to become potential NLRB cases, including the following:
• Communications that are not concerted are generally not protected. However, the cases highlight that a finding of concerted activity might turn on

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