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WHY do people use Facebook?
Whether it's for posting updates, reposting articles, checking in

locations/whereabouts, or playing Farmville – people participate in Facebook to stay connected, to relax, to be entertained, and to be kept informed (Bond, Ferraro, Luxton and Sands 2010, 4; Piskorski, Eisenmann and Smith 2012, 2). Some might even use it to spy on their partners, triggered possibly by romantic jealousy (Darvell, Walsh and White, 2011; Elphinston and Noller 2011, 631).

Others use it as a platform to advance various social and
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Tesco's approach goes a few steps extra in this click battle – customers are able to add to their virtual shopping basket simply by photographing a barcode of a specific product. Two other companies with fully integrated stores within the Facebook platform include British Young Designers and French Connection, whilst others like Dove is subcontracting their check out functions with the


Facebook platform to third party sites like Bestbuy and Easyjet (McEleny 2011, 1). Even non profit outfits like the Australian Salvo have much success with their recently concluded "I like Salvo" Facebook campaign through a combo of paid and unpaid fan likes support that was executed by DGM Advertising. The bottom line too has increased, year on year by 6.6 percent (Marketing, May 2012, 4951).

The role that FACEBOOK Platform play for both INDIVIDUALS and ORGANIZATIONS

As seen from the examples from the paragraphs before this, Facebook Platform has been a cornucopia of opportunities for businesses. It has also been a boon to savvy apps and game developers to earn real bucks directly through micro transactions as well as indirectly through placements of advertisements into those apps/games environment (De Prato and Paul Simon 2011, 14). The improved version of Platform and Facebook Connect drives traffic to website and encourage other users to attract even more users to their websites. A clever third party

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