Essay about Facebook : A Wrong Idea About User 's Social Status

1149 Words Jul 19th, 2015 null Page
Pictures and information manipulate Facebook friends to have a wrong idea about user’s social status. With the Photoshop, Facebook users create a completely different person. The darker side of this is that lying thought Photoshop is ultimately trying to lie about your body, which present serious issues for many people (Osterndorf Par. 22). Sometimes users look thinner than how they really are. That affects their self stem, eating habits and a psychological disorder. In addition, most Facebook users lie in their information that they share in their profile. According to Aaron Mamiit in “Don’t lie on Facebook. Other social network if causes ‘Digital Amnesia’,” “A study reveals that two-thirds of users of social media networks tell lies to “airbrush reality” to make their personal lives look more interesting to others.” People use to lay in the most common questions like where are you from, what are your levels of study. That make they see more attractive and intriguing to their friends. These make that Facebook users create a wrong idea of who that person is. Facebook users must be conscious in what they post on their profile because that would create a wrong image to the society of who they really are. When people arrived to the United States, they came with the dream of having a big house with a beautiful garden in a good neighborhood and an expensive car. Like in the movies they saw when they were child. For some of them this dream comes true, but for others it was…

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