Negatives Of Facebook

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Did you know that there are as many Facebook users as the population of China? That shows how big Facebook is to the general public. Almost everyone know what it is. Its taken over people’s livelihood with people not able to go a couple of hours without checking it. Facebook shows it by its background, history, negatives, a specific case, and finally the positives.
To begin, Facebook as many know as is the social media that everyone has. It is run by the youngest billionaire in the world, Mark Zuckerberg. It’s a social platform that connects humans all over the world. “Zuckerberg created Facebook as a way for people to communicate by sharing information, photographs, and links (Lusted 9). It 's used by all ages ranging for the teen demographic
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For some people, they can 't go a day without checking their status or feed, for others it 's a matter of hours. It has transformed the media so much it 's changed the meaning of words. The word friend is no longer a noun, it’s a verb. “Social media has made it a mainstream” (Elgot). Its given people the ability to defriend someone or add someone within seconds. Thats came along just because of Facebook and its connections to media. Other words have been changed too. Like and share have changed their meaning. Like has kept its true meaning but ten years ago you wouldn 't of thought of it the same way. That leads to the next point in which Facebook has gained everyone 's obsession over the ‘like’ button. This new obsession is leading to depression and anxiety to teens all over the world. “They base their popularity by the number of ‘likes’ they get” (Holdcroft). We get glued to our screens and can 't look away which leads to the anxiety. “We check our notifications and sigh in disappointment.” All of this leads to their self esteem but is it really worth it? This new way of addiction is affected by nearly anyone that uses the sight. Everyone always desires to have the most likes possible. Not only that but, it has affected people 's privacy. People don 't care that their address, names, and other vital information is out for anyone to see. It considerably dropped the amount of security people. Which in the internet age we are …show more content…
A 17 year old teen from India it became a addition. She was unable to go a couple of hours without it. She had thousands of follows on her account and was constantly on it. Her father, an army officer, and his wife started to be aware. They started placing rules like you can 't get onto Facebook until your homework is done. That didn 't stop her. “So much so that she had to often face the ire of their mother for neglecting the daily chores”(Facebook Addiction). This consent argument lasted for 5 years until one night. After another argument between her and her mother she locked herself in her room a took her own life. It 's sad how someone can take their own like from a social media. In her suicide note she said, “Is Facebook so bad? I cannot stay in a home with such restrictions as I can 't live without Facebook." It shows how deep she was into Facebook, not wanting to stop using it. That is just one unfortunate example of a teens way out of the

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