Facebook : A New Social Platform Essay

774 Words Jan 4th, 2016 4 Pages
to start and develop a new social platform to reach out to students better as twitter is great for employers and businesses. My choice in this matter was to start an Instagram account @HaskayneCareerCentre. When first starting this account I tried marketing out a target audience as we are taught in Marketing 317 and figuring out how to sell the photos and information on there to them. I was shocked by which photos in the beginning were getting tons of likes and a few comments compared to photos that got only a few people engaging with them. Over the 6 months I ran the account for a observed different techniques to get new follows such as posting on other accounts of our, creating posters and just informing students in person that we had branched into this industry. In Marketing 317 that the Social Media is “Any tool that is used to connect with customers using the Internet as the medium” (Lamb, 2013) and knowing this it is then divided into online Marketing domains. Our domain was Business to consumer or B2C (Lamb, 2013) as our media was target to the consumers but initiated by the business or in our case the Centre. We were also taught when doing public out reaches we should make sure not to go more than 350 words, titled them, start with quotes, use the 5 Ws and provide contact information. By structuring around this any person who knows or doesn’t know about the Centre can gain inference about us, contact us and because educated without having to dive deep into it.…

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