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Entrepreneurs Media Review Task
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• Steve Jobs: Apple 3

• Mark Zuckerberg: Facebook 7

• Larry Page and Sergey Brin: Google 10

• Which Entrepreneur do I admire/respect the most? 13

• The importance of Entrepreneurship in South Africa: 14

• Will I become a successful entrepreneur one day? 14

Steve Jobs: Apple
Many described Steve Jobs as an egocentric bully; there was no one like him, a natural leader. Born in 1955 in san Francisco, Jobs was destined for greatness. As a teenager, Steve Jobs was seen as a hippie and he was highly influenced by the 1960s, 1970s culture, specifically the music. He was a part of the
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Mark received an offer from Yahoo of 1 billion dollars to buy out Facebook and then another offer of 1.5 billion dollars from MTV. Mark’s response was that the company was worth more than that and there were plenty good ideas still to come.

One of these ideas was the “news feed”, which allowed users to see what others are doing and thinking about. There was an online protest of 750 000 users. Mark apologized, however he was sure that the users would get used to it and they eventually did. The “news feed” became extremely popular. By 2006, Facebook had 12 million users.

By the time Zuckerberg was 23, he started to develop apps for Facebook. And in 2007 Microsoft invested 250 million dollars into Facebook for 1.6% ownership. Facebook was now a 15 Billion Dollar company. Social ads became successful. However Zuckerberg found himself under criticism again when Facebook shared peoples purchases online. Once again Zuckerberg apologized.

A Russian company, Digital Sky technologies invested 200 million dollars into the business for 1.9% ownership. Facebook then employed Jeremy Smith as the chief strategy officer. Facebook was seen as “the holy grail of
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He was seen as more experienced and wiser. Larry Page was announced as the President of Production and Sergey Brin, the President of Technology.The initial public offering was 100 dollars a share. Users started to become worried when they started seeing adverts as to what they were speaking about in their emails.

Google agreed to Chinese demands and censored their information. They later said it was a mistake. Google discovered by a cyber attack and had its licensed renewed in July 2010.

Google weren’t happy with the speed of the videos and so they wanted in with YouTube. And so for 1.65 billion dollars YouTube was acquired by Google. Google then bought into Android, and Steve Jobs accused them of trying to kill the iPhone. Schmidt then resigned from Apple. The “Google versus Microsoft” battle grew stronger, and Microsoft fired back at Google with the launch of a search engine known as “Bing”.

Google had the idea of being able to scan every book to be available online, however they did not think to ask permission and were found guilty of

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