Advantages And Disadvantages Of Longboards

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FAQ about longboards

What are longboards and how much do they cost on average?

Longboards are the type of sports equipment. Something similar to a skateboard, but much longer and faster.
The price depends on what kind of lonboard you want to buy. You can buy cheap wood industry made board or bamboo and fiber well shaped board. You can check our reviews about bourds and their price here:
Longboards today have different uses:
- Cruising (go and ride with your friends, because you like to)
- Commuting (go to work/school or to the mall and back)
- Carving and sliding
- Dancing
- Downhill
What is the difference between a penny boards an a longboards?
Penny board are super small boards and not made for cruising around. Longboards are mostly for downhills and to drive around the city and even the competitions are
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It depends on what you want to do with your board. If you want to cruise and carve around like surfer or snowboarder, then longboard is for you.
If you want to ride in skateparks with pro skaters and you are willing to learn bunch of dirrerent tricks, with a big patience, then choose original skateboard.
What kind of wheels should i use for the bumpy roads?
Try to use a softer wheel like a 75a to 80a durometer wheel. You can even increase the size of your wheels in the range of 70mm-80mm, if you often ride bumby roads, to decrease the hit.
How to better avoid cracks on the pavement?
Skate on the cracks at the right angle. If you are moving as fas as 5-10 miles per hour and at a good angle, you should not have a problem going right over the cracks.

How to ride my longboard straight?
Your boards does not go straight, because of the thing called truck bushings. They are either rubber or plastic which are designed to absorb your turns. It does take a little time for the bushing to bend back to their original position. You can thighten them, so you could go

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