Eye Contact : Men And Women Essay

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Eye Contact: Men and Women Do men make more or less eye contact then women? For my hypothesis I would say men make less eye contact then women from my observations in past experiences. Women make the most eye contact from also my past experiences. Men tend to drift off more. Women tend to keep steady contact to keep importance of the conversation. Men get distracted easier which makes it harder to focus into the eyes. Women pay close attention because their eyes show more emotion then men. Most men only make eye contact when the topic is serious and is about something they like. In a male to male situation, eyes tend to wonder back and forth with occasional contact due to it being male to male unless they are being yelled at or told to keep their eyes on that specific person. In female to female their eyes will rarely drift off each other because there are more feelings and emotions involved in their eyes unless they get mad at the one talking to them, then their eyes will drift off purposely. In a male to female conversation, males eyes tend to drift more because we do not show feelings through eye to eye talking but women keep them right on you to make sure they get their point across with no interruptions and when we usually look at them, because you can sense feelings in a women’s eyes. So, in a male to male conversation very little eye contact occurs in a female to female a great amount of eye contact occurs…

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