Taking A Look At Exxon Mobil

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External & internal environment
There are two types of environment of the marketing the external & internal environments. The external environment is involved of those variables which are the natural environment, societal environment and task environment. The societal environment includes general forces that do not directly touch on the short run activities of the organization but can influence its long –term these forces are the : economic forces , technological forces , political –legal forces and the sociocultural forces .
Economic forces
Exxon Mobil help to decrease the employment by increasing number of employees working in the company, Exxon Mobil Egypt employees about 400 men and women which the majority of these employees are Egyptians
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Sociocultural forces
Exxon Mobil has more than 350 service stations in EGYPT which is available at many places. In Egypt Exxon Mobil offers quality fuels and lubricant so customers with high and middle income could use it.

The Industry environment analysis (Task environment)
Porter’s five force
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The R & D at Exxon Mobil is all about technology.
At the center of their business, there are a few key exploration associations that work cooperatively on new innovations. While a considerable lot of their innovation speculations lead to sending, there are no ensured results. Indeed, even an innovation that confronts boundaries to sending can give significant bits of knowledge to business choices. Following quite a while of examination and practice, they have discovered that carbon catch and capacity (CCS) is in fact plausible, particularly when connected to upgraded oil and common gas

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