Extreme Poverty : Natural Disasters Essay

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Poverty, for many people, can be an absence of money when a person needs some enjoyment. However, extreme poverty may be the lack of personal needs to survive, and that includes food, shelter, clothes and others. Because extreme poverty can be more intense than normal poverty, many researchers try to comprehend the causes of extreme poverty, and many countries are possibly trying to eliminate it. Even though many people believe that the issue of extreme poverty can be resolved, some say that it cannot be resolved due to natural disasters, civil wars and misrule of countries.
One reason why extreme poverty cannot be eradicated might be natural disasters. Natural disasters are one of the causes of destruction and deaths around many countries. According to Alexandra Witze, officials in Nepal states that the earthquake that they suffered recently killed over a thousand people and the numbers are still growing (Witze). For this reason, due to the inevitable chaos over countries, disasters such as earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, etc., can provoke poor people to become even poorer, which make countries more incapacitated to win poverty. Also, in the same article written by Witze, after-effects are still rising and Nepal can expect more trembling to come (Witze). Therefore, such disasters may also affect the tourism income of many countries because many tourists that seek monuments or beautiful sights are sometimes probable to look for countries without any perils. So, in…

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