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Expository Essay Final Project Anissia L. Johnson Com/150 April 07, 2013
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‘If God cared’, they reason, ‘would not the world be a very different place?’ We look around and see a world full of war, hatred, and misery. And as individuals, we get sick, we suffer, we lose loved ones in death. Thus, many say, ‘If God cared about us and our problems, would he not prevent such things from happening? Worse yet, religious leaders sometimes lead people to think that God is hardhearted. When tragedy strikes, they say that it is God’s will. Such teachers blame God for the bad things that happen. Is that the truth about God? What does the Bible really teach? James 1:13 answers: “When under trial, let no one say: ‘I am being tried by God.’ For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone.” So God is never the source of wickedness you see in the world around you. (Job 34:10-12) Granted, he does allow bad things to happen. But there is a big difference between allowing something to happen and causing it.
God is Holy, (Isaiah 6:3) this means that he is pure and clean. There is no trace of badness in him. So we can trust God completely.

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What the Bible Teaches How does God feel about the injustice we face? The Bible teaches that God is “a lover of justice.” (Psalms 37:28) So he

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