Expository Essay

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Expository Essay


Expository Essay Joe Chernov, public relations executive whose arms are inked from wrists to biceps with Asian-themed tattoos, applied for a position at a conservative company, where he was given a chance for an interview. Upon this interview he decided to wear a long cuffed shirt which he usually would not wear as it ended up showing part of his tattoo on his wrist. He didn’t get the job even though he was more than qualified for the position he had applied for, it could be questioned if the tattoos had anything to do with this decision made by the interviewing company (Pyrillis, 2010). Although people have tattoos and body piercings in a workplace their performance while working
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With the view of a person who can still appear and act professional despite the tattoo or piercing that the employee or potential employee may have. One such example of reformed policies exists in the United States Army; due to a lack of recruiting in 2005 an exception was made to allow people with tattoos to join the armed forces (Pyrillis, 2010). This has lead to many restaurants and stores having followed suit with allowing non-offensive tattoos being allowed to be shown and certain small piercings to be worn which has assisted in improving the work force overall. As well as giving people the chance to perhaps hold a position with a business that before may have been unobtainable before because of where they had a piercing or tattoo. With this going into effect it has opened the doors for the possibility of discrimination cases to become less likely. However many of these cases still exist, one that is most likely to stand out would be the case of Cloutier vs. Costco. In this case the employee stated that due to her religion she was to wear all of her jewelry at all times and thusly should be allowed to wear her facial jewelry while she was working without any negative comments or repercussions (Johnstone, 2004). Costco asked her to simply cover up the facial jewelry with a

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