Exploring Causes Of Police Corruption And Police Officers Essay

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Exploring Causes of Police Corruption
Police officers are meant to be seen as protectors of the peace. Lately, they have been seen as the corruptors of the peace. The ones who want to put us away, possibly for life. This has put a nonstop stress on many, who are involved with such officers. It’s not always good to point fingers, but without knowing why police officers do this, we cannot fix it. Trusting the ones who protect us is one of the biggest issues in our society. We have to assume that the police force is going to do the right thing no matter what because if we assume the opposite, then we lose our protectors. The three main matters that cause corruption among police officers deals with their individual personality differences, an individual’s ecological stand point, and the organizational aspect of police officials. Where does the Code of Silence come into play? What comparisons can be made with New York’s police and Nigeria’s? How can organization apply to misconduct among officials?
Each officer goes through specific personality evaluations during law enforcement training. They are asked to succumb to background checks and psych evaluations to determine if they are fit to serve the people. According to author Hoon Lee and others, the background check is used for identifying their criminal activity, the people they associate with, their job history, and their home lives (387). The psych evaluation determines if they have any mental illness, either within their…

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