Exploration Of The Space : Space Administration ( Nasa ) And The European Space Agency ( Esa )

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Space is a vast and unexplored region, the exploration of which is necessary to satiate mankind’s curiosity and answer the enduring question, “What is our place in the universe?” The need to explore and understand the universe we live in has driven us to establish government agencies, such as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA), whose main goal is to study outer space. NASA’s projects have led to many great advancements, including the development of new technology and the improvement of daily life. Still, NASA seeks to explore other regions of the universe that have yet to be discovered or understood. One such study is that of exoplanets, which are planetary bodies outside of our solar system. The study of exoplanets would reveal more discoveries that can aid life on Earth and will create a better understanding of our universe. Exoplanets are an important area of study that will lead to innovative capabilities, such as the development of technology that can observe deep space, and greater knowledge of how planets and planetary systems have formed.
The study of exoplanets will reveal data that is useful in many different areas of study, including understanding the evolution of planets. In order for scientists to observe exoplanets, space-based telescopes photograph the planets. Once a space-based photometer has multiple photographs of an exoplanet, scientists use the spectroscopy data to determine the mass, size,…

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