Buddha And Prophets

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3 Buddha and prophets as the discoverer of truth :-
Buddhists seek moral guidance from buddha , sangha ( community of aryans or noble sages ) and dharma .
Prophets were the mouthpiece of God . Prophets prepared the standards of moral conduct on the basis of their observations .The verses of Koran were revealed after observing every particular situation . Prophets were the ideal men .Buddha was the giver of rules of moral conduct and the buddhist follow the examples found in the life of buddha .The will of God is best known to us from the holy books written by buddha and other prophets . God is unknowable and it is hard to believe that prophets had a talk with God .Holy books are regarded as a source of ethics and knowledge . People
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Evil deeds like murder, adultery , stealing are committed by people due to their greed, hate and delusion . The doer of these evil deeds will also encourage other people to become evil doers . When you fully know that these are wrong, blamable and injurious and opposed by learned people then you should abstain from these evils . Always make your own judgment and your judgment should be based on the advantages of the consequences of an act . Always accept the advice given by a learned guru .”
Buddha asked people to make a fresh investigation or examination of all the old beliefs .
Buddha said :” You should not immediately and blindly accept any person as your guru .Do not believe in traditions . Do not believe in holy books . Do not accept the opinion given by the masses . Get rid of your bias towards a opinion .You should always examine other possible choices .”
Buddha asked Kalamas not to accept those traditional beliefs which contribute towards the suffering of other people and also the sufferings of the holder of the beliefs .Buddha was in favor of a critical and rational examination of all those beliefs which are dear to us . Buddha gave the following guidelines to Kalamas

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