Experiment: Free Hugs

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Register to read the introduction… When asked as to why they chose to dress the way they did, they stated that they wanted to see if people would feel more comfortable with a certain stereotype. They stood inside a local mall and took turns holding the sign. When the girl that was dressed as the prep held the sign, many people were more than willing to give her a hug; same went for the girl that dressed nerdy. Although, when the girl that dressed as the emo girl held the sign, she received very little hugs. They asked certain recipients which girl they would feel more comfortable giving a hug to, and majority of them said they would hug the girl dressed as the prep because she looked the most approachable by how she was dressed. They also began to ask why they would not hug the girl dressed as an emo girl and they stated that were intimidated by how she dressed and by her appearance. …show more content…
I was very shocked to see that more men were willing to give me a hug rather than women. I thought that this study was very interesting because it was very intriguing to see people break out of their comfort zone to receive a hug from someone that they did not know. I think there are many factors that could be manipulated and changed, such as the gender of who was holding the sign, how you were dressed, the community that you surround yourself in, and so on. I prevented personal bias by going to a community of people that I knew I did not know very well. The many people that I hugged were people that I have never seen before. I believe this experiment was very interesting to perform because even though it was just a social experiment for class, I still felt like I was making someone’s day a little brighter than it was

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