Expanding The Reach Of Education Through Social Media Essay

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Expanding the Reach of Education Through social Media

Workloads, time management, and demand for productivity are compelling students and eduction institutions to expand traditional forms of teaching, such as face-to-face, with multiple forms of interactive mediums. A particular method of delivery is through the use of social media applications. Social media offers school to engage students outside of the classroom by reaching new audiences, providing guidance and feedback, and encouraging students to engage in educational peer-to-peer interactions.

As 94% of students, from kindergarten to grade 12, are using the internet daily (SOURCE), the need for new learning methods is an increasing demand. With social media tools the norm of communication outside of school, it needs to be to a priority to incorporate this practice into the current learning system. By actively participating in social media, students have an opportunity to broaden the physical barriers of a classroom and connect with people from different schools, communities, and cultures. This grant proposal investigates and exemplifies the potential use of social media tools in classrooms and the benefits both students and facilitators will gain.


Our organization currently serves 150,000 students across the Peel District School Board (SOURCE). Our goal is to embrace new technologies and integrate them into it our…

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