Existentialism And Its Impact On Society Essay

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Additionally, the leadership of these organizations all portrayed behaviors that showed the deontological framework was existentialism. Existentialism is justifying your actions regardless of the outcome. Zuckerberg’s reaction to the Beacon ethical dilemma made it apparent that his deontological framework was existentialism. He justified his actions by saying he believed that this advertising feature was “less commercial” because it was shared with friends. Also, he had no guilt as he showed no concern for the privacy violation of Facebook members when he responded that Facebook “was a business supported by advertising.” (Stanwick, 2016, p.371) Additionally, Wal-Mart justified their actions in all of their unethical employment practices by expressing their innocence every time they were accused of violating employment laws. Although they paid settlements and had to change their business practices regarding employment, they never outright admitted guilt and took responsibility without regulators forcing the action. Furthermore, Steve Jobs decided it was the right thing to do by withholding the supplier responsibility report to avoid negative publicity. In addition, during his years as CEO of Apple, the company did very little to ensure that employment conditions at overseas outsourcers were compliant with government regulations and ethical to maintain the Apple code of conduct. That was evident by his response to President Obama when asked, what it would take to bring the…

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